clients-argotI can't thank you enough for helping me pull victory out of the jaws of defeat out there--the vines look amazing. I love how thoughtful and patient you are, especially in the face of my aggressive “I need answers and I need them NOW!” approach.

Justin Harmon, Owner & Winemaker, Argot Wines

clients-flippedupstartOne of your many gifts is being terrifically grounded and concrete. You are able to take the abstract and complex and MAKE IT REAL.

Skip Walter, Flipped Start Up

clients-gypsycanyonI so enjoyed meeting you and I learned so much from your class! Your heartfelt passion for biodynamics is inspiring! I look forward to consulting with you.

Deborah Hall, Grower & Winemaker, Gypsy Canyon Winery

Daphne Amory is a nature whisperer. She understands the subtle language of plants and nature to which most of us are deaf. I have witnessed Daphne's work in action. She has managed our vineyard with a focus on organic and biodynamic agriculture for the past four years. In that time, we have witnessed a revitalization of our soil through the use of cover crops and no till management. She uses special preparations to spray on the vines to invigorate them. Daphne has made our wine for several years using the native yeasts that exist on the grapes. The resulting wine is superb. This year we sold our crop to a Napa vintner. Several of our harvesters, who worked many vineyards throughout Napa this season, praised the quality of the grapes as some of the best they had seen in the valley this year.

Jessica Loring, Owner, Oak Canyon Ranch (Napa, CA) & Old Combahee Plantation (Beaufort, SC)

clients-benzigerMy association with Daphne has always been very positive and motivating. She has been part of a biodynamic study group that I have attended for several years. I always learn a new perspective when she shares her ideas.

Mike Benziger, Winegrower & General Manager, Benziger Family Vineyards

  • Demeter USA
  • USDA Organic
  • International Organic Inspectors Association
  • Stellar Certification
  • Biodynamics - 75 Years


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