Contrary to conventionally held beliefs, biodynamic farming is less about idealism than it is a pragmatic way of considering the long-term viability of your land and taking a holistic approach to your business - what I call regenerative farming. Whether you are just looking to start slowly and work on a specific area of focus, convert your farm, or prepare for certification, Daphne Amory Consulting has the proven experience to accomplish your goals.

Years of experience working side-by-side with a variety of clients, from small family businesses to large-production farms, has allowed Daphne to establish long-term relationships, offering an intimate understanding of each farm’s assets and how best to serve them. What’s more, Daphne is an IOIA-certified inspector in USDA Organic and Demeter Biodynamic® Certifications, giving her the precise blueprint for your success. Through regular, on-site visits and extensive research, she establishes a customized plan for your farm, as well as a list of recommendations, as needed, to coach and guide you and your team or family through the educational process.


Rates are determined upon the frequency of visits and the scope and length of the project. We can work together to determine whether weekly, monthly or quarterly check-ins are best suited for your budget and goals. While a three-year working cycle is highly recommended in the case of organic or biodynamic farm conversions for tangible, long-term results, shorter term projects are also possible.

  • Demeter USA
  • USDA Organic
  • International Organic Inspectors Association
  • Stellar Certification
  • Biodynamics - 75 Years


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