The road to organic and biodynamic certification can be long, with a mind-boggling list of details to consider. Daphne Amory takes a holistic look at your farm and walks you through an approachable step-by-step process to help you achieve full certification. As an IOIA-certified inspector in USDA Organic and Demeter Biodynamic® Certifications, Daphne has the exact know-how you need to be successful.

Daphne starts by walking your property to understand the land in the natural and formed context of boundaries, micro-climate and watershed, while assessing the natural, human and economic assets available. The most essential component of all organic or biodynamic certification preparation is documentation, including all past, present and future actions. By documenting the manner in which the land is worked, climatic conditions, yields, and other variable factors, she will help you establish your own farm log. Then, in working alongside you and your team, she can suggest the best forms of material inputs, preparations, sources and alternative energy and water uses—all to determine the best practices for achieving balanced fertility for your soil, your crops, and your business.


Three-year contracts are highly recommended for the duration of your conversion process, however short-term contracts, as well as hourly rates are also possible for those clients who are seeking advice on specific projects. Rates are generally determined upon the frequency of visits and the scope and length of the project.


  • Demeter USA
  • USDA Organic
  • International Organic Inspectors Association
  • Stellar Certification
  • Biodynamics - 75 Years


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