After decades of teaching in various capacities and subject matters, Daphne Amory continues to make education a key focus of her personal mission. Using both the indoors and outdoors as her classroom, she speaks on a wide variety of societal, natural, and agricultural nature and farming related topics to clients and like-minded groups who are interested in asking larger questions about their partnership with the natural world. Whether teaching at colleges and universities, speaking to environmental conservancy groups, farming associations, or socially conscious corporations looking to instigate change, her talks are tailored specifically to the audience and the learning objectives of her students.

Consider booking Daphne for a class, presentation or speaking engagement for:

  • colleges and universities
  • seminars
  • organizational retreats
  • conferences
  • interactive workshops


Rates are based on the location and time commitment of the event, as well as the preparations involved. Contact us for an estimate.


  • Demeter USA
  • USDA Organic
  • International Organic Inspectors Association
  • Stellar Certification
  • Biodynamics - 75 Years


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