Daphne Amory, Biodynamic & Organic Farming Consultant

The theatre of the natural world is a wonderful and exciting place ...

... that allows us to embrace the experiential form to gain deeper insight into the larger story of what we are creating in the present and the future. Growing up on the western slope of Colorado, there was a constant awareness of the natural rhythms of life—working the cattle on our ranch, the cycles of birthing, dying, sowing, harvesting.

Climate and environmental factors all played an intrinsic role in the everyday choices of the ranch. At a young age, I learned that Mother Nature always has the upper hand. How we listen to her, work with her—or really dance with her, rather than trying to lead—determine the outcome of the actions we take.

This understanding of the nature dance drew me into wanting to understand the dance of humans. I studied and worked in the theatre, honing the craft of subtle listening. Experimental theatre allows for everything to be possible, the art is in using the senses to know which action is called for, much like in working on the ranch. In having a remarkable opportunity to teach theatre while continuing to develop work in Europe and the US, I was able to share and deepen my skills. Teaching wove together all that I had learned, from the mountains of Colorado to the studios in France. For me, nature and human creativity became one in the same. Heavily influenced by each other, I came to realize that the conscious choices we make as humans have the ability to impact the natural environment, which is why the dance between us is so vital.

Agriculture is the perfect stage for the ongoing, dramatic interaction of nature and humanity to unfold. The experiential nature of farming is such that we have to constantly be aware of what is happening and evolving around us, being ready to change course or change the dance. Understanding the story of the past, the story of the present, and the story of the future as it is waiting to unfold is what brings me to the fields, day after day, to witness the beautiful, ever-changing Theatre of the Natural World. In my work with biodynamics and regenerative farming, I continue to expand my understanding of this interaction and share the unique stories of place, of farm, of ecology and of human engagement with both clients and students alike.