Life, BDA Journal – Spring 2020

Understanding Relationship: Biodynamics past, present and future, BDA Journal – Fall 2019
June 2, 2019

An impossible task – to write 600 words more or less about LIFE. Interesting though, because life is something that I consider constantly, no pun intended. When last I wrote for the journal, I mused about relationship relative to form and the dynamic tension between. In considering the task at hand, I come back to form and dynamic tension. Form is what everything inherently has and form is what shapes us. Form is shown to us in the tree that grows in its uniquely patterned and rhythmed manner. Form is expressed in the mineralized stone high in the Sierras. It is illustrated in the eagle that sits outside my window in the early mornings and then again as she lifts into the air, carried by the forming that supports her. Form holds our human structure., Form is repeated in all, yet unique; to the individual tree, eagle, ion, human. Rhythm creates form, with every branch, every joint, every feather being of harmonic distance. Form is understood as a diagram of forces. The synergy of harmonics to each other to ‘become’, or the shaping of form, now sensing FORM as an activity. The activity of being, or becoming. The nexus of form then being dynamic. Form is expressed in the growth curves of the natural world, more commonly known as the Fibonacci Curve. In harmonics this becomes a field of Relationships. It is expressed again as Harmonic Growth, a formal relationship in time. I understand this as time and space collaborating in the creating of active form. Time (rhythm) together with space (dynamic tension) equals engagement. Here is where we begin to recognize and honor the patterns of our journey, of this engagement.

While we all follow an inherent form that defines our unique being, there is a differentiating element between humans and all other forms that we share this magnificent planet with. That is of conscious choice. The tree cannot be anything other than the tree, rooted in the place that is. The eagle cannot be anything other than the bird of prey that she is, following the instincts that keep her alive. The stone nor the water cannot be anything other than what they are, mineralizing and moving with time. We, though, have the ability to change form, to disrupt rhythm with our actions. We have the ability to alter the forms, hubristically leading us into an altered relationship with time and space, with Nature. Changing the dynamic tension that has been. If followed humbly, this differing element that we humans have presents us with the ability to incarnate in our fullest capacity while here in this form. This incarnation is not of alteration, but of harmony. It is of listening deeply into the pulses that form life. Listening and consciously ‘becoming’ an active partner in the Field of Relationships. It is of deepening our truest selves in relation to other: tree, eagle, stone, water. It is of living in harmonic tension within form.

Harmonies and pulses, dynamic tensions, fractal distances, the Fibonacci curve exacted in the golden means. All these are elegant explanations and pictures for Form. So much energy given to understanding form and the forces behind. But are the forces really ‘behind’? Are they not here in front, here beside, and here within? If I am considering life, then I open the door to these forces. I stand on the ledge and let them wash over me, allow myself to be moved by them, like a leaf rooted in the branch moving with the shifting winds. I am alive, living through my senses, fully engaged. The elements surround and hold me, nourish me as I breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in the forces and breathe them out again, being (in)formed by what I inhale as well as by what I exhale. This breath brings me into the journey. What I breathe in and out is breathed by others. Each breath (in)forms the structures, shapes the dreams and brings me forth as a more conscious being, giving me form to journey in relationship, to sense the patterns at their deepest points, and to engage with others. In our truest incarnation we honor the forms we are sharing rhythm with.

Life was featured in the Biodynamic Association Journal – Spring Issue 2020

Daphne Amory
Daphne Amory
Daphne Amory works as a Biodynamic consultant and educator, facilitating the development of practices for the deepest expression of the whole, incorporating these through processes drawn from life experiences. Consulting, biodynamic/organic farm conversions, and certification preparation, to education and advocacy, Daphne Amory Consulting utilizes concepts of regenerative farming to fully embrace a holistic approach to your farm or organization.